Please Note:  Sylvan Beach Pavilion is a public facility maintained & operated solely by Harris County Precinct 2 with oversight by the Texas Historical Commission. Friends of Sylvan Beach Park & Pavilion (FSBP&P) is a 501C3 Educational Non-Profit that advocates on behalf of the publics use and access to this important historical facility.  Therefore the content of this page is designed to assist citizens interested in accessing the pavilion.  The information on this page is based on our scoping of the county parks website and talking to county employees charged with pavilion stewardship.  As the county can change policies, pricing, website design and contacts, we make no claim that the information on this page is the most current or accurate.  

Interested in having your event at the historic Sylvan Beach Pavilion?


(1). Once you have a date selected for your event, visit Harris County Precinct 2 Parks Sylvan Beach website on your desk or lap top (link below) to view availability on website SBP calendar.  (Note: Calendar feature not currently available on IOS (cellphone) devices.)





(2). If the date is available call Melany at HC Pcnt2 @ 

713-274-2066 for pricing and contractural information.  


Basic County Rental Requirements:

  • Rental rate depends on day of week.  Ranges from $1500 to $5000/day.  Rental must end before midnight.
  • Additional $1000 refundable damage deposit also collected at time of booking.  Renter advised to take pictures before and after event.  Renters required to remove all trash from building (including restrooms) to outside dumpster.
  • Facility rental provides only building, tables and chairs.  Required table coverings not provided by county
  • Rent and security deposit must be paid in full to reserve date using debit or credit card only.  Rent charges appear to be not refundable if renter cancels for any reason - so be certain of your dates!
  • You must provide security (county constables) if you have over 60 guests, event occurs after 5pm or there is alcohol at the event.  Rate is $35/hr for 4 hr minimum.  Time required for security to be present is from the start of event until last person leaves facility.  (Plan on 2 constables if over 120 persons.)
  • Renter must secure event insurance.  Contact your insurance agent for details.  County must be listed on your policy.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in Sylvan Beach Park so BYOB is not permitted.  If your event will serve alcohol it must be done by a TABC licensed bartender .
  • You can hire a food caterer of your choice for your event.  Rental does not provide any tableware service.  As mentioned previously, renter must provide table coverings.
  • Non-Profits (501C3or6) are allowed 1 free rental every calendar year based on rental date (i.e., If booked on 4 July the next free rental not available to after 5 July of next year.)